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Previous Trail contributors


Baba Brinkman - evolutionary rap artist- performed at the Dawn of Life (Kilve beach) and later at Kilve Village Hall.


Paul - ‘The Chimps Tale’ and his daughter Kate – readings.





Dr Dan Danahar: Butterfly Conservation – TOPIC: the Large Blue butterfly and Butterfly habitat creation.


Dr Jon Bridle: Senior lecturer at the University of Bristol and member of the Bristol Natural History Consortium. TOPIC: Biodiversity



Jonny Berlinner - sung on the Trail and at it’s conclusion in the hall and on the Monday morning.



Soulcake : Quantock based folk band – played on the Trail and again at the ‘dawn of life’.


The British Humanist Association Choir-

20 strong choir from London who sung Chloe Clifford-Frith’s concept piece at various locations along the Trail and put all its component parts together at the Trail’s conclusion, and also wider repertoire  afterwards at the in the hall. Also sang William Morris piece ‘Origins’ written exclusively for the Trail – very much our Trail anthem.


Michael Ray – Played his African/Brazilian harp on the Trail and on Monday morning.

Rosie J Bailey – songs performed in the evening.


Professor Richard Dawkins - TOPIC: his book the Ancestor’s Tale.


Dr Alex Taylor from MRC Laboratory in Cambridge.  TOPIC: their ground-breaking work on XNA.


Peter Exley: SW Public Affairs Manager  for the RSPB  - TOPIC: the RSPB efforts to save the albatross, and their work internationally, including the Somerset Cranes project.

Kevin Cox from the World Land Trust  TOPIC : the work of the World Land Trust.

Alom Shaha   - author of ‘The young Atheists handbook.  Tim Minchin decribed his book – “More than just a great handbook, this is an honest and often very moving story about valuing truth over hope, even in the face of grief.


Dr Sasha Dall - an evolutionary biologist from Exeter University- TOPIC: “Unintelligent Design: Unravelling the Complexities of Life” 


Dr Caitlin Kight also from Exeter University – TOPIC: The effect of urbanisation on nature.



Victoria Gugenheim : Body artist who created two body art pieces (‘Bird on the hand’ for the RSPB /WLT charities and the second as centre piece at the Dawn of Life representing the ‘Ages of Man’ – both painted on the model/dancer Helena Biggs .


The folk band Soulcake played Saturday evening including dances.

The Bristol based poet RALPH HOYTE who performed his poem ‘origins are not the only fruit’ about extinction on the Trail.


‘Big Noise’ - a local, brassy street band accompanied us in the last section of our procession down Sea Lane and created the soundscape to which Helena Biggs danced at the dawn of life (Kilve Beach) .

 Jonny Berliner   –  witty and wonderful science songs including the ‘Large Blue Butterfly Blues’ and his ‘Albatross’ songs written exclusively for the Trail.

Split Reeds - this Somerset based Clarinet Quartet performed both on the Trail and in the evening with an eclectic mix including anything from a Celtic collage to Ragtime and Dixie.

Ian Bell – performed on the Sunday evening with backing singers and wrote his very own ‘Trail song ‘Walk 13 miles’.  

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